1. Fire ! Fire !
    Marvin & Guy

  2. Voices
    John Talabot

  3. Not My Lover / Walkaway (The Benjamin Fröhlich Versions)
    Woolfy vs Projections

  4. Adoldesscent
    Tuff City Kids

  5. Labyrinth
    Tuff City Kids with Annie

  6. Permanent Vacation 4
    Various Artists

  7. Rude Movements
    Benjamin Fröhlich

  8. Energy Flow (DJ Koze Remixes)
    Mano Le Tough

  9. Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Remixes)

  10. Selected Label Works 5
    Various Artists

  11. Every Place You Go
    Lake People

  12. Sun EP
    Red Axes

  13. Stations Reworks
    Woolfy vs Projections

  14. Borndom Remixes

  15. conversazioni stellari
    The Sight Below & カオス

  16. Purposely Uncertain Field Remixes
    Lake People

  17. Trails
    Mano Le Tough

  18. Clearness Of Love EP
    Lord Of The Isles

  19. Empty Early Years And The Seed
    Mano Le Tough

  20. Stations
    Woolfy vs Projections

  21. Funfair EP
    Thomalla / Panthera Krause / Casino Times

  22. Combination
    Woolfy vs Projections

  23. Borndom

  24. City Girl

  25. Pay The Rent (Barnt Remix)
    Alex Burkat

  26. Purposely Uncertain Field
    Lake People

  27. Kirk Juemmeth EP
    Tuff City Kids feat Shan

  28. Tomorrow We Start A New Life Again
    Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler

  29. Having A Coke With You
    New Jackson

  30. Thesseus
    Locked Groove

  31. Night Time Is The Right Time
    Drvg Cvltvre

  32. Fire

  33. Prism
    North Lake

  34. Midnight Creepers Remixes
    Midnight Magic

  35. Donner Lake EP

  36. Waterville
    The Drifter & Benjamin Fröhlich

  37. If This Is House I Want My Money Back 3
    Various Artists

  38. Hey Don't Make Trouble (It's the Woman Of Your Boss)
    Auntie Flo

  39. Uroboros
    Henry Saiz & Pional

  40. Subconscio
    Efestion & Harald Grosskopf

  41. Made It Mine
    New Jackson

  42. A Night In Newark
    Walter Jones

  43. 301C Symphony
    Lord Of The Isles

  44. Uneasy Hiding Places
    Lake People

  45. Changing Days Remixes
    Mano Le Tough

  46. Changing Days
    Mano Le Tough

  47. Fin
    John Talabot


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